Warm and water are the basis for all life and for all that we do here at Tylö. Since the early 1950’s we have been developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality products that have helped raise bathing to the art of relaxation and enjoyment.

Today Tylö leads the way worldwide in creating inspiring environments for saunas, showers and steam bathing, both at home and in public facilities. We lead the field in terms of breadth of our range, the quality and design of our products and the degree of technical innovation. And to ensure that we can always be 100% certain of supplying the high quality that our customers have learned to expect of Tylö, we manufacture the components and assemble the equipment in our purpose-built premises.

That’s why a Tylö product is always the safest of choices when you want to enjoy the pleasures of warmth and water, or a combination of both, to the full.

Tylö 60 years

More than 60 tears ago, a twenty-year-old named Sven-Olof Janson started the company, AB-The spiraler. The company was founded in a woodshed Snöstorpsvägen (Sweden) and the operation initially consisted of rotating coils of electrical items. Six decades later, Tylö sells its products in over ninety countries around the world. Few companies have enjoyed steady growth as Tylö, whose innovations and development have ensured that the company has always been a success and that despite the economic cycle. Year after year, people in Halmstad (where we manufacture inSweden) have seen with their own eyes how the company has grown through continued expansion in the area Larsfrid where Sven-Olof Janson moved the company in 1960, when it had grown so much that it needed more space. In 2010, Tylö celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Quality and the environment

When you choose a product from Tylö, high quality comes as standard. Our quality-mindedness is reflected in all aspects of our operations, from design and product development to the choice of materials, manufacturing processes, service and support.

Quality is also evident in our commitment to the environment. Clean water as a source of health and pleasure forms the basis for all our shower products, for instance. That’s why we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Our manufacturing processes are completely clean. There are no harmful emissions from any stage of the production process. The timber we use comes from responsibly managed forests in Scandinavia, the Baltic States andNorth America. None of our timber is taken from the world’s precious rain forests. All plastic components are manufactured from environmentally certified raw materials.

And, last but not least, we make optimum use of the resources we consume. Timber waste is used for heating, plastic waste is ground into granules and every scrap of metal is recycled.

Concern for the environment is more than just a priority with us. It is yet another opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality – not least, the quality of life. Today and tomorrow.

Vision and Mission

Our vision: Tylö will be the world's preferred choice for premium sauna and steam bathing solutions because we will be known as the providers of the ultimate personal rejuvenation experience. 

Our mission: Through our ongoing commitment to innovation, aesthetics and quality in everything we do, Tylö will provide its private and public customers with the very best sauna and steam bathing information, services and solutions, which together create the ultimate personal rejuvenation experience.

For the senses

Our tagline is a short, highly-communicative summary of our promise. "For the senses" captures the total experience from physical, quality and aesthetic perspectives. It is a promise of personal rejuvenation and a signal of where our ongoing innovation and development in sauna and steam is focused. Naturally, "senses" is  the key word. "Senses" refers to the look and feel of the sauna or steam itself, but even more importantly, to your personal experience. Linguistically, "senses" is a soft and enticing expression that soothes and promises a much more complex experience than the physical benefits saunas are widely known for.


Tylö's research and development centre is dedicated to the constant development and refinement of products, which has established us as the benchmark for high quality in this industry.

Our excellent relationships with external test laboratories, universities or similar institutions help us keep up with the latest developments in new manufacturing processes, consumer safety developments and legislation.

Today, as half a century ago, our heating elements - the heart of the sauna - are still locally manufactured and are of unrivalled quality and longevity. All sauna heaters, steam generators or other electrical and electronic components are tested, controlled and inspected throughout the entire manufacturing process. Sophisticated equipment is used to make all the tests necessary for Tylö products to be awarded international seals of approval from a variety of official authority tests.

The steam baths and all plastic components are thermoformed under strictly controlled conditions. Tylö's state-of-the-art technology is a guarantee to ensure that both products and production methods meet even the most stringent of environmental criteria.

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