Technical Service Tylö Spain

At Tylö Spain we know that our main and most valuable asset is our customers. Beyond the exceptional quality of our products we want to give them the technical service they deserve with a comprehensive service that guarantees their peace of mind in any situation.

Our strengths

Our professional team is continuously trained in the same Tylö workshops in Sweden and has a great deal of knowledge of the many Tylö products, both saunas and steam baths.
We have a stock of spare parts in both Spain and Germany, which guarantees that we will always provide you with a solution in the best possible time.
On-site technical service or delivery of materials: We can travel anywhere in Spain to the sauna or steam bath facility that needs to be serviced. Also, if you wish, you can send us your material by transport or courier so that we can check it in our workshop (the average cost of sending a domestic heater or steam generator by courier does not usually exceed 10-15 euros).
When you register a request by phone, email..., we assign you a work order number so that you can know and control its status and evolution at any time. Once the diagnosis has been made, we will send you a repair estimate that you can accept or reject.
If you are a professional installer or repairer, you have the possibility to buy our spare parts in the section of our website: SPARE PARTS.


To contact our Technical Service

call our number 966 276 980
send an email to
send your materials to Tylö Spain - Calle de los Arcos,17 bajo - 03170 CIUDAD QUESADA

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