Sauna Heater EXPRESSION 10 Copper

Sauna Heater EXPRESSION 10 Copper

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Modern electric heater with separate control panel for sauna cabins from 10 to 18 cubic meters. International Red Dot Design Award, very hight quality and fast heating.


The Expression 10 heater is a professional model with high efficiency, designed for intensive use in sauna cabins form 10 to 18 cubic meters. 
The tank is filled with stones 29 kg of volcanic stones not included. 
Must complete with a separate control panel and RB30 relay. Supported panels are the CC50, our modern touch type  H1 or comprehensive CC300 panel.

Extended Warranty:

5 Years Parts for private use 
3 year Parts for professional use.

Year after year Tylö has pioneered numerous innovations to develop and improve function, safety and pleasure of the sauna.

The best heating elements: Tylö is the only manufacturer that makes its own heating elements. They are the heart of the heater and its reputation based on its unmatched longevity.

High yields: Tylö guarantees a nice sauna experience at any temperature from 40 to 110 ° C, dry or wet.

Temperature rise rapidly: side rails promote efficient airflow and economical operation.

Low power consumption: Finnish and Swedish Evidence (SEMKO) have shown that Tylö heaters consume less energy than its competitors.

Temperature stability: A two-time system ensures a remarkably stable temperature and minimum power consumption.

Production of steam optimized: The depth of the deposit of stones and direct contact with those resistors allow 100% evaporation of water.

Integrated air humidifier: Optimizes wet grade to start the heater.

10 kW
Piedras Volcánicas
12 kg of stones ref. 90141020
3 x 230 V o 3x400 V+N
Tamaño de la Cabina
De 4 hasta 8 m3
Dimensiones (L x P x A)
500 mm x 300 mm x 730 mm
Separado no incluido H1, CC50, CC300 + relé RB30
Peso del equipo
29 kg
En el suelo
Altura mínima del techo
1900 mm
Distancia mínima de la paredes laterales
200 mm
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